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Just Think hopes to meet the reader at the place of spiritual longing. Spiritual longing can take many forms: a wish for meaning, a yearning for purpose and significance, a need for affirmation and assurance, an inner loneliness, an attraction to joy or beauty, a hunger for God.


Most people don’t look to their minds to help them satisfy the longing they feel, however. Thinking, the activity of the mind, is typically associated either with academic pursuits or strategies to succeed or be clever. It is seldom considered in terms of its association with the life of the soul. Yet the association is strong. Ideas and insights are just some of the prizes of thinking that overflow the cognitive perimeter to wash over and flood the soul with vitality.

Questions and searches deepen the soul. Knowledge invites the soul to join the mind in actions of service and belief. In prayer, mind and soul unite to participate in mystery. Through attentiveness, study, and contemplation, God is recognized and known, swelling both mind and soul with life.

With thinking as spiritual practice, mind meets soul and both are bound together.

From Baker Books, 2004

Praise for Just Think

"Well written and practical, Just Think is an invitation to think big. It's a compelling call to fully engage your mind in order to fully embrace life. A must read for everyone."
— Dr. Kevin Leman, psychologist and author of The New Birth Order Book

"This could become a little classic of practical spirituality... Long on wisdom, compassion, and insight, JUST THINK is a delight to read and ponder." 
–Victoria Moran, author of Younger By The Day and Creating A Charmed Life

"Nancy Nordenson joyfully invites us to dust off our mental cobwebs and open our minds and hearts to new possibilities.... She gently nudges us into our own fresh world of mental and spiritual growth and guides us along the way to become wiser in leading lives of significance and service."
— Donna Erickson, PBS’s "Donna’s Day"

"Nordenson's book is in a rare class of "slow" page-turners....Here is an excellent mind worth following as close as you can and sentences worth pondering as long as you can."
— Doug Newton, Senior Editor, Light and Life Magazine

"Just Think is a book that offers up the wisdom of the ages along with the Nancy's encouraging spin on living life thoughtfully in the here and now. It's a book I recommend to anyone who believes life is not just for existing, but growing with the gifts we've been given!"
— Joan Steffend, Home and Garden "TV’s Decorating Cents" 

From Readers

Rich and dense like crème brulee”

“You have contributed a ‘gift of excellence’…I have been challenged in a very profound and interesting way”

“I’ve only started reading it and it’s already changed my life.”

“Totally enjoyable, challenging, and inspiring…a solidly beautifully written work.”

“Your words have impacted me greatly. I am paying a lot more attention to my thoughts and ideas, not dismissing them out of hand as unimportant or irrelevant.”

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