Eyes open for beauty

Yesterday, I read an article from the New York Times (online), "Three Americans Win Nobel for Particle Physics Work" by Dennis Overbye. The winners are Dr. David J. Gross, Dr. Frank Wilczek, and Dr. H. David Politzer. The accomplishment for which they won the Nobel Prize was their contributory work to the theory of quantum chromodynamics. A theory, by the way, of which I have no comprehension. What struck me in the article--in addition to the vast amount I didn't understand--was a quote by MIT's Wilczek. He said, "It is one of the real gems of our culture that we can understand nature in this way and that you find beautiful things." What a privilege to do work through which one can find beautiful things. What a way to go through life, expecting to find beautiful things. Beauty in our work. Beauty in our everyday lives.