Sip for the Cure™

I walked the two blocks to my grocery store yesterday to get ingredients for dinner. (I love living in a neighborhood where I can walk to the grocery store.) In addition to the chicken and green beans, I also purchased--and I admit it was an impulse purchase--a canister of tea. It caught my eye because of the pink, orange, and purple hues and held it because it had "pink grapefruit" in its name (which attracts the Floridian in me) and was emblazoned with the well-known pink-ribbon logo. The tea was "Sip for the Cure™ Pink Grapefruit Green Tea" by The Republic of Tea. For every canister purchased, 75 cents is donated to the Susan G. Koneman Breast Cancer Foundation. So I put a canister in my basket, as well as a jar of honey. After walking home and getting Jane Brody's Oriental Stewed Chicken simmering, I made a cup of the tea and stirred in some honey. It was a very lovely cup of tea. Although it can't quite deliver what is promised on the label ("This delightful refreshing cup will bring about a unity of spirit and harmony."), I do expect that I got a good dose of antioxidants (as also promised on the label) and that 75 cents changed hands in favor of a cure for breast cancer.