Six things I learned/relearned at my college reunion

I had a wonderful time at my college reunion. The main attraction: old friends! Lots of talking at parties and late into the night, actually into the early morning hours. The parents of one of my college friends have a house a couple blocks from the school and were kind enough to vacate the premises, turning it over to a large group of us for the weekend. My high school senior son groaned at the thought of a slumber party for moms.

Coming home yesterday, I thought about key things that stood out for me from the weekend. Here they are.

Six things I learned/relearned at my college reunion:
• Everyone eventually grows up.
• Everyone has amazing stories to tell.
• Everyone has problems and a complex life to live.
• It is very hard, if not impossible, to predict with accuracy the path of a person's life, especially from the starting point of age 18 to 22 years.
• Friends that share a common spiritual faith can go to deeper levels faster than friends who don't share a faith.
• Deep friendships that stand the test of time are rare, precious, and worth holding on to.