Losing and finding oneself

"[T]he greatest risk seems to be either forgetting oneself or the desire to affirm oneself at all costs." writes Monsignor Massimo Camisasca. "Forgetting oneself, the loss of self that Christ asks for, does not coincide with a disinterest in one's own self, with an annihilation that has nothing to do with Christianity. We cannot forget that Christ says, 'Who loses himself finds himself'; he thus indicates that the object is to find oneself, it is the resurrection. Losing oneself is the road." He continues, "The other risk is the desire to affirm oneself, incapable of sacrifice; incapable, that is, of recognizing that everything has already been given to us."

I read these words this morning in an essay titled "Apostleship" in the devotional periodical Magnificat. They've proved to be good words to chew on throughout the day and so I pass them on to you.