Furthering an interest of a friend

While on a work-related trip to Barcelona a couple years ago, I fell in love with the mosaic tilework in the architecture of Antoni Gaudi. The picture you see here is a close-up of the tiles in the curving benches of Park Güell.

Fast forward to last week.

My friend and I went to an open house at a center for artists. I'm not sure what to call the place exactly. It was a large warehouse sort of building that is being refurbished into separate artist studios. During the open house, people could roam from one studio to the next looking at each artist's work and what he or she had for sale. The studio that most intrigued me was that of an artist who decorated tables, frames, pots, and bowls with mosaic tiles. She told us how she scours flea markets and yard sales for dishes with interesting features and desired colors and then breaks them up with a hammer.

As much as I like mosiac tilework, this is not the point of this post.

The point of this post is what just arrived in my mailbox. My friend, with whom I'd gone to this artists' open house, sent me an envelope in which she had included an article on mosaic tilework. How to do it. Specifically, how to transform an old table or pottery pot into a mosaic masterpiece. She had written a quick note on the article, something to the effect that she knew she had seen an article on this recently and here it was. This isn't the first time this friend has done this. She has often sent me articles or copies of something that she knew I'd be interested in. What a gift, to get a tangible piece of paper in the mail that acknowledges and furthers a personal interest. That's part of friendship, part of the concept of "iron sharpening iron" between people.