Prayer for Christmas

From church this morning:

O God, our Father,

As I anticipate Christmas morning, save me from these thoughts and feelings that only succeed in making life wretched and unhappy for everyone.

Save me from foolish discontent, and help me at all times to do the best I can with the resources I have.

Save me from the envy that forgets to count its own blessing, because it thinks so much of the blessings of others.

Save me from the jealousy that grudges others every gift and every success.

Save me from vain regrets about things that cannot be altered, and give me grace to accept the situation where I am, and there to serve You with my whole heart.

Save me from the bitterness that poisons life for myself and others.

So grant that, cleansed from self and cleansed from sin, I may bring joy to others and contentment to myself through Jesus Christ our Lord, whose birth we celebrate on this wonderful day.


--Adapted from William Barclay