A call to think every day

Dick Staub posted a great column yesterday by the title, "Take Up A Pencil and Think Everyday," a derivative of a quote by Hans Bethe as he describes below:

"The passing of Arthur Miller and Susan Sontag within weeks of each other provides a referent point for the deterioration of thought in American public life.

Note these comments about Arthur Miller by Bob Herbert. "Arthur Miller, in his autobiography, "Timebends," quoted the great physicist Hans Bethe as saying, 'Well, I come down in the morning and I take up a pencil and I try to think. ...' It's a notion that appears to have gone the way of the rotary phone. Americans not only seem to be doing less serious thinking lately, they seem to have less and less tolerance for those who spend their time wrestling with important and complex matters. If you can't say it in 30 seconds, you have to move on. God made man and the godless evolutionists are on the run. Donald Trump ("You're fired!") and Paris Hilton ("That's hot!") are cultural icons. Ignorance is in."

One asks, how many people “take up a pencil and try to think” each day?"

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