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Mind Notebook.jpg

Earlier today I added a post that ended with a question: "What places set your mind clicking?" I wanted to add something more. An encouragement to be prepared to think, wherever you go. You never really know when something great is going to pop into your mind.

Put a notebook in your purse or pocket–if it’s a nice-looking notebook, you’ll almost be looking for excuses to take it out and write something down that comes to you as significant. I've found some great little notebooks at museum shops and stationery stores, as well as at drugstores. 

I've also "made" notebooks by replacing the cover of an inexpensive pocket notebook with a postcard that I like. Just pull the wire spiral binding out of the notebook. Using the old cover as a template, punch holes in the postcard with a small hole punch. Then, line up the punched postcard with the rest of the notebook and restring the wire spiral binding. Bend the ends of the wire in just a bit to hold it in place.

Alternatively, take a 3 x 5 card and a small pen in your pocket.

When you intentionally set about to pay attention to your thoughts, you will invariably receive something in your brain to think about. It is amazing how such an intention is paid back with insights and observations. If you don't have something with you on which to write a thought when it comes to you, you will certainly lose it. And it will certainly have been something valuable.