Blue in Green, a new independent film

Last summer I had the opportunity to view a new independent film, Blue in Green, at one of its initial screenings. New screenings of this excellent film have now been scheduled and I want to recommend that you see it if you can. In New York City, April 6 at the NewFilmmakers Series at the Anthology Archives Theatre (32 Second Avenue). In Los Angeles, April 13 at the 2005 International Beverly Hills Film Festival at the Clarity Theatre (100 N. Crescent Dr).

With the tagline, "Everybody's waiting for someone," Blue in Green "is an exploration of desire and its subtle but devastating effect on our lives." Not only is theme unique, but so is the manner in which the film was produced.

The film is the product of a film-making collective known as Unica and was shot over weekends and without a screenplay. The story, although based on a real incident, was developed with the actors and production team through a series of conversations.

From the film's website: "Though the dialogue was entirely improvised, each character was thoroughly explored beforehand to avoid the common pitfalls of improvisation. The actors were not expected to sound clever or 'deep.' As a result, they were able to trust the 'present moment,' and create extraordinary surprises, some of which altered the plot of the film. Our entire process was built to anticipate and capture these spontaneous moments of discovery." The music, performed by The Tierney Sutton Band, is also the result of collaborative effort.

Check it out if you can. Watch the trailer on the film's website. Look for a screening in the city where you live. I not only found it entertaining, but it kept me thinking about it and its theme for a long time afterward.