Victoria Moran and the humor of the universe

Victoria Moran's new book is Younger by the Day: 365 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Body and Revitalize Your Spirit. It's a book of daily readings to help one "age in reverse" by being "concerned not only with your physical body and its conscientious care, but with the deep layers of your being: your mind, your emotions, and–especially–your spirit."

Today's reading is about "leela", a Sanskrit term that translates as "God's play." Moran writes, "[Leela is] seeing the vastness of creation as the Divine's favorite toy, and suggesting that, if there is playfulness indelibly etched into the cosmos, it's probably okay for us to light up too. When everything seems serious and quite a bit seems ominous, when we feel a lot of fear and carry a lot of tension, we're way out of touch with leela, the sense of humor of the universe. You know how it is when things go badly in a way that is almost comedic? Leela. When you think, "I may as well laugh because otherwise I'd cry"? Leela. When you play with a child or a pet or a half-off coupon at your favorite store and are not one bit concerned about all the "things on your mind," leela is operative. It shows up in sentences like "I don't have to worry about this now–let's go out and have fun." Leela allows you to chuckle on a rotten day, see beauty in the midst of pain, and find the game inside the dilemma."

I'm a fan of Victoria Moran. She's written Shelter for the Spirit, Creating a Charmed Life and a number of other books. On the page and in "real life", she is as warm and gracious a person as you would ever want to meet. You can practically hear her cheering for each of her readers as she moves from sentence to sentence offering suggestions of tangible ways to improve their lives.