Coveting my neighbor's garden

The people in my city have waited a very long time for sunny weather. Scroll back on my blog to the post about lilacs. That is the last time we had sunshine for any length of time. Finally after a couple weeks of gray skies and rain the sun came out yesterday. Today was beautiful. It was time to buy flowers to plant in the planter alongside my front entry as I do every year.

Let it be said up front. I do not have a green thumb. Most things I plant do not do well. For this particular planting assignment, I always buy the same thing. Fool-proof impatiens. I can't do much to kill them and they always thrive in this shady location with only watering and a bit of plant food from time to time. They look lovely when they start to mound up.

Given my deficit in this arena, I'm always amazed by people who have garden artistry. As I was standing at the check out with my impatiens plants, all of one color, I was looking at the customers standing around me and the botanical assortments that were in their carts. Those carts represent the gardens I wish I could produce, the gardens I'd love to sit in. Such variety and beauty in the plants in the carts. Such vision on the part of the plants' purchasers. The woman in front of me was helping her father coordinate some plants. She gently fingered a purple clematis in their cart while she waited for her turn at the cash register. She spoke of how fragrant the air would be around this plant. Her father smiled.