The makings of a hero

In my medical writing projects I have had the opportunity to work with many physicians. A number of them stand out in my mind because of various qualities they exemplify. Kindness, compassion, and humility are qualities that I've attached to a physician I've worked with two or three times. Those qualities were confirmed in the days after hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast when I saw this physician on televised video and heard her interviewed both on television and radio.

She was one of the physicians that stayed at Charity hospital, taking care of very sick people. No electricity. No food. Little water. No access to laboratory tests or anything automated, including respirators. In one of the videotapes in which I saw her, she was standing with other hospital staff among the patients, holding candles and singing. "We need for you to get better" were the words of the song I thought I heard. Later I heard they were also singing hymns to the patients. In a later interview she told about a very sick girl needing dialysis who was separated from her mother, despite her specific instructions to the rescuers that they needed to stay together. As a staff they prayed for this girl and later she got a call from Houston that all was well for her.

She's a hero and the evidence was there all along.