Cyberspace love and prayers

On Monday afternoon, three guys who are on the varsity soccer team for the school my son graduated from last June were in a car accident on the way to practice. It happened not more than a mile or so from school, at an uncontrolled intersection in a residential neighborhood. One of the guys was not injured. One is in the hospital with damage to his spleen but it is expected that he will be fine. The third guy has serious head injury and is in critical condition. His physicians put him into a drug-induced coma in an effort to reduce intracranial swelling and bleeding.

Over the years of kids driving to and from sports practices and games, social events, school, etc, there have been so many prayers for safety offered up by parents and grandparents. There sometimes seems to be danger at every turn. How can we make the turns without the cover of prayer?

Yet an accident has happened and now the prayers for these boys have changed from prayers for safety to prayers for healing.

We know these guys and their families. They were all on the team last year, along with my son. The father of one of them was my sons' junior varsity soccer coach. Siblings from the other two families have been my sons' friends. The network is buzzing. Moms calling moms with updates. Flyers sent home from school.

Thanks to internet technology, concerned friends and family can be connected in an amazing way. An organization called Caring Bridge offers a service in which a family can inhabit a webpage during a difficult time such as this. The family, or its surrogate, can enter updates as they happen or in a summary form. That way, in the time it takes to log on to the site everyone can find out how the one they care about is doing. An even more significant part of the page is a guest book where people can sign in and assure the family of their prayers. The young man in the coma has had a total of 1923 people log in to check on him. When I looked at the site this morning, that number was at about 1300. A total of 174 messages have been left. Love in any form, even sent through cyberspace, is quite a comfort to those waiting.

Consider Caring Bridge if you have need for some sort of communication system during a difficult time. And if you are a praying sort, please send up a prayer.