I’m still making my way through Confessions. Actually I have all but the last chapter read and I’m now starting to go back and type up my notes from it. I’ve read it before, pieces of it, never cover to cover. This time is cover to cover. It is so dense with thoughts that I think it could be the only book one ever reads and still it wouldn’t be exhausted.

My mind is lingering on a passage in which he (Augustine) has moved to Milan and two of his friends have moved along with him. Each of them is in a state of desperate spiritual searching. About his friend Nebridius, Augustine writes, "All these things he had left and had come to Milan for no other reason than to be with me: for with a real passion for truth and wisdom, he was in the same anguish as I and the same uncertain wavering; and he continued his ardent search for the way of happiness and his close investigation of the most difficult questions." Augustine continues on to include his other friend, Alypius: "Thus there were together the mouths of three needy souls, bitterly confessing to one another their spiritual poverty and waiting upon You..."

This passage is holding my attention because I’m intrigued by it as an image of ideal Christian community, albeit pre-Christian in this example. Commitments among imperfect searching people to wait on the Lord together.