2005 learning assessment

In Peripheral Visions, Mary Catherine Bateson wrote,

"A single rising curve is unlikely to reflect the lives of very many in a world where life expectancies approach and then pass seventy. Now the norm of a successful life more often involves repeated new beginnings and new learning."

Finding this excerpt in a stack of notes I was going through led me to reflect on what new things I learned in 2005. Here's some of what I came up with:

I learned to...
• text message on my cell phone (I can't stress enough how valuable this learning accomplishment has been in keeping in touch with sons away at school)
• use del.icio.us bookmarks
• use a newsreader
ballroom dance (well, it would be more honest to say I took lessons)
• go back to sleep after awakening at 2 am and wondering what my freshman son was doing across the country
• write a book annotation
• live without my dog
• wrap my hair around and through a pony tail holder into a "messy bun" (note emphasis on messy)
• be a student again
• braid an essay and a loaf of coffee bread
• let go of ... [list is growing] (again to be honest, "making progress in learning to..." would be more correct)
• not send over-the-counter drugs to an individual in a foreign country and how to negotiate with foreign customs for the release of said drugs, which were sent prior to learning this lesson, without being extradited as an international drug smuggler of Claritin

How about you? What did you learn in 2005?