Passing on; pouring forth

"Pour forth – pour forth – pour forth...act as a channel...Pass on everything, every blessing...See how many you can bless each day." I read these words last week in the devotional book, God Calling. A teller at my bank is an example of pouring forth, offering multiple examples in just the days since I read those words.

First, she knows customers by name and calls them by name. This is so simple but so extraordinary. To be known and called by name is such a gift, even at the bank.

Second, she goes the next step. A couple days ago I asked her a question related to my account, something I needed resolved. She brought her manager in on it and both said I needed to go through the dreaded 1-800 corporate customer service number. On my way home I entertained visions of going through a triage nightmare with the corporate office. By the time I got home there was a message on my machine from this teller letting me know that she had already figured out the resolution to the issue and had put in in place. Case closed. (And we can all be sure that her action was not because I am a "big" customer; trust me, I'm not.)

The last example is the most amazing. Every single month she sends letters to forty (40!!) men and women in the service, people she doesn't even know, different people each month. She writes to thank them for what they're doing and to wish them well.