The way of the lakes

Minneapolis has a lovely chain of lakes running through the city. (If you remember the Mary Tyler Moore series, she is walking by one of these lakes in the opening scenes.) Today I went on an errand. It took me about 7 minutes to get there, busy streets the whole way. When I finished my business and walked back to my car, the light in the sky that hints at springtime (so welcome after a long winter) practically commanded that I go home “the way of the lakes.” And so I did. I turned right at the stop light instead of going straight and drove around one lake then looped to the next and then to the next before pulling in my driveway 25 minutes later.

When I was a little girl, living here, my mother would almost always choose to drive “the way of the lakes,” opting to avoid the highways and main thoroughfare streets if possible. She would usually announce, with a smile and wink, “We’ll go the way of the lakes,” or due to her training, my brother, sister, or I would beat her to it by asking, “Can we go the way of the lakes?”

Going “the way of the lakes” is a fairly good approach to life. Intentionally choosing the more peaceful, the more beautiful way.