I've been gone

I feel like a stranger at this URL, it's been so long since I've been here. I just got back from ten days away. Really away. The place where I stayed had no dial-up, wireless, or ethernet connection. When desperate, we could use the computer in an office on the campus, but the connection was dial-up (and extremely slow even for dial-up), there was usually someone else waiting to use it, and we were encouraged to try to make it without the internet crutch. I checked in several times, quickly, but without opportunity to respond to any email or comments, or place any new posts. Back in my room with my unconnected laptop I was aware of how many times my eye went to the email icon checking for new mail. It probably did me good to be away from it for a short while.

I was at the second residency for the MFA in Creative Writing program that I began last summer. I think I now have 24 credits under my belt, not quite halfway.

Transitioning back to real life has been a challenge the last day or so. I'm tired; the residency days are intense. I'm displaced; it's wonderful to be home, but to leave there is a detachment. I'm inspired; but I'm inspired for the things I don't get paid to do, which is what I have to get back to doing now today, and tomorrow 9 to 5, ad infinitum.

To leave for ten days and come back inspired for those pockets of time around work is a fortunate thing, however. It is there that growing will occur, in those pockets of time, not in the production of more and more powerpoint slide presentations (as helpful as those are in paying the bills).