A poet's back pocket notebook

The notetaking habits of people intrigue me. I love finding out about notebooks carried or index cards in pockets. I've been reading a book of essays by poet Mary Oliver called Blue Pastures. I was delighted to turn to the essay, "Pen and Paper and a Breath of Air" and read of her back pocket notebook and how she uses it:

"For at least thirty years, and at almost all times, I have carried a notebook with me, in my back pocket. It has always been the same kind of notebook--small, three inches by five inches, and hand-sewn....I don't use the pages front to back, but randomly, in a disorderly way. I write wherever I happen to open the notebook. I don't know why this is. When the notebook is fairly full, I start another....Both the shorthand and the written phrase are intended to return me to the moment and place of the entry. I mean this very exactly. The words do not take me to the reason I made the entry, but back to the felt experience, whatever it was. This is important. I can, then, think forward again to the idea--that is, the significance of the event--rather than back upon it. It is the instant I try to catch in the notebooks, not the comment, not the thought."