Can't get it out of my head

A song keeps playing in my head. "Be Here Now" by Mason Jennings, a local guy who just released a new CD called Boneclouds. I think this is his sixth CD. My college freshman (oops, he's a sophomore now) introduced me to Jennings' music a couple years ago and I've been a fan since.

Masonjennings_1In fact, a couple weeks ago my son let me go with him and two of his friends to a concert Jennings gave at a local independent record store.

I'm not a music critic and so don't have handy the best descriptors of musical performance but let me just say that there is something lovely and good-spirited about his music. He's on a tour right now, so if you hear he's in your city check him out. Tomorrow night he's in New York City, the next Philadelphia, the next Washington DC, and more. Check out his website for concert info and some videos, including "Be Here Now" and if you're there listen also to "Sorry Signs on Cash Machines", another great song. My son even wrote a paper about him for school and turned his professor into a fan--maybe he'll give me a copy and I'll add an excerpt.