The New Guthrie Theatre

Guthrie_1Minneapolis is a city that was born on the Mississippi River. Only in recent years, however, has it started to develop and appreciate that riverfront in ways independent from it historic milling industry. The new Guthrie Theatre is an example, opening just a couple weeks ago on the shores of the Mississippi. Founded in 1963 by Sir Tyrone Guthrie, its original location was just on the other side of downtown. Its new location--a huge building the color of twilight blue--houses three theatres, two restaurants, and a cantilever bridge that utilizes the equivalent high-strength steel of two Eiffel Towers.

Click here for a panoramic view of the Mississippi riverfront from the cantilever bridge. Click here for more views and info.

Guthrie053_1We walked through it last weekend, not as patrons but as tourists. It's an incredible experience to see your city of many years from a new perspective. From the outside the building looks industrial and all sealed up but on the inside it is elegant with windows everywhere. The windows are lined with mirrors so with every turn of the head there is a new view and streams of light.

Here's a little known fact about Minneapolis: It has more live theatre seats per capita than any US city other than New York City.