Four weeks

Hmmm...Four weeks have passed without marking. No marking on this space. No marking in my journal. Sometimes things just need to bounce between head and heart before they can find their way into words. Things still waiting to be set into words somewhere include an injury for one son followed by surgery...and then, oops, try again, the same surgery one more time; a significant car accident for the other son (from which he walked away) on the day of the other son’s first surgery; a car designated “totaled” by the insurance company...and then, oops, not totaled...and then, oops, totaled... and then, you get the idea; a water heater that burst, gushing water on the evening of the second surgery; the six-month anniversary of my husband losing his job and still looking. But/and on the opposite side of whatever page I set those things into words eventually, these will also have to be set into words: friends that called and emailed and prayed and showed up unasked with a mop to face the gushing water; a sister who brought comfort food (roast beef and mashed potatoes) to come home to after a day of pre-op, op, and post-op; a mom who brought more comfort food (rice pudding); amazing pills to stop the pain of my son’s bone grafts and bone screws; ten days of restoration at my grad school residency; provision, provision.

I’m hoping the next four weeks will be calm and quiet.