A new above average independent bookstore in St. Paul?

The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul have lost a number of great independent bookstores in recent years (as have all cities). The most recent to close was Bound To Be Read in St. Paul, and before that was Ruminator Books, formerly known as The Hungry Mind, also in St. Paul. Years before that Odegaard books closed, with sites in both Minneapolis and St. Paul, and I still miss the circular store with windows all around (sadly, the building later became a Chuckie Cheese’s).

This morning I read that our very own Garrison Keillor might be opening an independent bookstore in St. Paul on Selby and Western, not terribly far from where the others have closed and just underneath a coffee shop I like, across the street from a restaurant I like, and down the street from a paper store I like. What good news!