Potent obscurity

Yesterday at church all the children gathered in front and sang songs, complete with motions. I was sitting in the second row on the side and so had a good side-ways view into the inside of the group. One little girl caught my attention. She was standing behind a girl a good head taller than her. My guess is that from most other vantage points in the sanctuary she was nearly completely eclipsed and that few people could see any more of her than a glimpse of her blond hair or her red bow or the toe of her sparkling red Dorothy/Judy Garland shoes over multi-color striped socks. She seemed not to notice her obscurity. With earnesty and exactitude, she sang all the words and moved her hands at all the right times. She never tried to push herself forward or grab a spot in the front. She never stopped as if her hidden contribution didn't matter.

"And a child shall lead them."