Community generosity

Over the years I've taken a good number of community education classes. If I include church adult education classes the number would significantly increase. My husband and I learned how to buy our first house from a 6-week class taught by a local realtor named Mae. We almost learned to ballroom dance. I've learned about computers and writing and knitting.

Here's what I'm continually amazed by: the generosity of the teachers. They stand in front of a group of students whose only qualification to be there is that they paid money (or not) and showed up. The teacher has no guarantee that anyone in the group will make them proud someday by applying what they taught. There is no worthiness threshold to prove you deserve to receive the teacher's hard-won knowledge and instruction.

This was again my experience this weekend. I took a class at The Loft, an incredible literary center that has been in Minneapolis for 35 years. Mary Carroll Moore was the teacher, and she poured out what she knew, which was a lot, for the 30 or so of us that paid our money and showed up.