Rethinking Willy Loman

"We’ve spent more than 60 years dissecting Willy Loman, the character artfully sketched by Arthur Miller in Death of a Salesman. Willy is, perhaps, America’s consummate loser, a failure to his family. But if you can bear with me for one moment, imagine he lived in current times, not amid the postwar prosperity of 1949. Sure, his career was ebbing, but Willy kept a job for 38 years, he owned his house—he had just made the last mortgage payment—and had a wife and two children. Today he’d be a survivor. "

Julie Baird via

Rethinking Willy Loman.jpg

In the September 12 issue of Newsweek, Julia Baird reassesses our definition of failure in the light of the recent recession: "Redefining Failure–Maybe Willy Loman wasn’t a loser." Worthwhile reading if you are starting to question whether an upward trajectory is the only definition of success.