Office supplies

I just ordered some pens online (Pilot Precise V5 blue extra fine), pens that I love to write with in Clairefontaine notebooks, which are considered by some, and I concur, to be the best writing paper in the world. The pens are utterly dependable--always smooth and never leak. My penmanship elevates a level or two with their use. I held one of these pens in my hand while I placed the order so that I could compare the specifications and find the exact model. I was investing in a supply, after all. As luck would have it, however, while I held the prized pen, it leaked. The blue ink dripped between my fingers and onto my computer keyboard (thankfully, not between the keys). It felt a bit like bringing a child out in front of guests to do some kind of showy thing only to have them stick their tongue out instead. This, of course, is a made-up example and never happened with my own children, and even so, it is a poor comparison to what happened between me and the pen. Yet the core of the matter is the same, that of being confident in something and taking a step in that confidence only to have the object of that confidence fail you. Well perhaps not fail you, but rather show you it cannot be controlled even though its history with you suggests at the least, prediction. So how to live with the risk of reversed expectation, with the pen that has now shown me it is a bit wild? I can't think of any way other than to hang on and write boldly anyway.