Thinking of worm holes and gravitational cross-dimensionality

Last week I saw the movie "Interstellar" with my husband and son. I haven’t read any reviews of the movie but have heard it’s been getting a mixed response. This isn’t a review. I won’t be giving thumbs up or thumbs down. What I will say is this: I’ve been thinking about it off and on for days, and I always like that in a movie, when it offers something to think about. Not in a dreadful way, such as not being able to get disturbing images out of one’s mind. But in a good thought-provoking way. "Interstellar" featured worm holes opening up in the nick of time, black holes, relativity and time, five dimensions, and the ability of gravity to cross those dimensions. It featured people making things, being brave, and figuring things out. It showed people in a long obedience toward finding solutions. This movie was far from “optimistic” in the strictest sense of the word. After all, the world as we know it was ending. But it reminded me of the vastness and mystery of the greater universe of which we are a part and of the power of communal and individual resolve, and I’ve appreciated those reminders this week.