650. The humbling exhilaration of new thoughts

650. The humbling exhilaration of new thoughts.png

I'm currently reading a book that a friend recommended to me. For the purposes of this post, it doesn't really matter what the book is. It's been hard work to follow substantial portions of the book, high above my head as they are. If only I'd read more Shakespeare. If only I'd traded an organic chemistry class in college for a bit more philosophy. There's the option, of course, to close it once and for all, but there have been enough eye-opening, mind-expanding, silent-wow moments so far that I'm keeping going. I'm wondering how thinking these new thoughts would ripple backward, if that were possible, to change old thoughts, past sentences I may have written, or words I may have spoken. And then there's the ripple forward to thoughts, sentences, and words yet to come. Oh, the humbling exhilaration of it! I'm wondering what's exhilarating you of late, in a humbling sort of way?


[Photo: yet another picture from my recent trip to Brooklyn, this of a crazy patio set embedded in an overgrown corner lot as seen through a chain link fence, with the addition of my finger over the top of the lens. I thought there was something mysterious but lovely about this scene.]