657. Going out singing: the poetry of Brett Foster

Going out singing-the poetry of Brett Foster.jpg

Earlier this week a professor at Wheaton College died at the age of 42: Dr. Brett Foster. He was a poet and a scholar. He was also a very good man. I didn’t know him but know people who did. I don’t say that in order to position myself within his sphere but to give explanation for my hearing of the many accolades about him. I had the opportunity to hear him read one of his poems last Spring during an event associated with the AWP meeting and have been following links to his poems this week as they’ve been posted on social media sites in his tribute and memory. Readers of this blog may already be familiar with Foster and his work. If you’re not, you may very much like to dip in and read a few of his poems at these links.

From “Tongue is the Pen”
“And speaking of things overheard, you heard right:
if I have to go out, I am going to go out singing.”

From “For My Friends” (scroll down)
“Just so you have lowered me into that room
where a message is being heard, something
about all things being restored, made new…”

From “Luke 13:30: Tired Application”
“Tell that gnawing coal fox there’s One coming
who’s casting out devils, making the blind see.”


[Photo: taken yesterday when my husband and I were at the cemetery to tend a marker before the snow falls.]