655. A moment of guerilla leisure with Kathleen Norris

A Moment of Guerilla Leisure.png

On a busy morning of a work-crammed week of a deadline-driven month, these words from Kathleen Norris in Dakota: A Spiritual Geography are like an island of calm. Taking two minutes to read them is act of guerrilla leisure, "guerilla" referring, of course, to an unconventional approach when you have little to spare or spend. Maybe reading them will be that for you too.

"Like all who choose life in the slow lane – sailors, monks, farmers – I partake of a contemplative reality. Living close to such an expanse of land I find I have little incentive to move fast, little need of instant information. I have learned to trust that processes take time, to value change that is not sudden or ill-considered but grows out of the ground of experience. Such change is properly defined as conversion, a word that at its roots connotes not a change of essence but of perspective, as turning round; turning back to or returning; turning one's attention to."


[Photo: taken of our river birch tree, which we planted about 5 years ago and that I love looking at every single day. One of our best investments.]