A prayer to start the workweek

Yesterday at church, this prayer.


This prayer, a good one to start the week on, the work week or any other kind of week.

Almighty God, speak to us your grace and truth. May we seek your will above others. Bless us with a restless discomfort at easy answers and half-truths. Stir our hearts with a passion for your Spirit, a hunger to be faithful, and a commitment to love as you do. Lead us deeper in devotion, and further in mission; to one another and to the world, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Our minister, Matt Kennedy wrote most of that beautiful prayer but borrowed some words (restless discomfort at easy answers and half-truths) from a Franciscan blessing.

When you pray it, you make it your own.


[Photo: taken on a morning beach walk a couple weeks and many miles ago.]