About the new icon in the top left corner

About the new icon in the top left corner.png

If you look up to the top of this blog, you'll see something new. I took away the blue and yellow banner (which was an upside down filtered picture of a beach horizon that I really liked) and switched it out with a green icon on a white background. I suppose I could call the icon a "logo," but that triggers thoughts of branding, which triggers thoughts of platform building, which reminds me of how I nearly cried when I read Michael Hyatt's book, Platform, and the hairs rise up on the back of my neck in warning. Let's call it an icon. It matters to me how I think about these things, because the starting point, the intention behind, has everything to do with what emerges, and I don't mean what emerges in terms of Google Analytics but what emerges in terms of the integrity of the words.

The reason for the change is that I have four websites, and I wanted something consistent in appearance among them so if a reader moved from one to the other, the transition would be smooth. A visual clue would tell them they've just moved from one room to another in the same home to which they've been warmly invited and not to completely different households of strangers. If I were more savvy and had more time to devote to this, I may have figured out a way to a build a brand new website and gather all four up into one, but then there are reasons beyond time and tech savvy that I don't want all these things together. There's a rationale for my blog, my medical writing page, my book page and so on being in separate rooms.

Back to the icon. I found it on Shutterstock and like it very much. It speaks to me. The green and the leaves in the four corners speak of life and livelihood, and this in itself makes it a good replacement of the small leaf icon I originally had on my Finding Livelihood site. The cross of white space in the middle is rich with meaning in multiple ways: the meaning inherent in a cross, any cross; the center space, centering; the empty white space inside; the horizontal and vertical arms of equal size (a Greek cross), which suggests the meeting of divine and the world. The cross also suggests an intersection, and ever since I started this blog in 2004, I said I was aiming at intersections (see sidebar), and then there's the common association between cross and healing/healthcare/medicine. The arrow shape going up and the arrow shape going down remind me that I try to go high and deep in my writing. The arrow up also looks like a spear piercing a curved canopy or dome, which resonates with what I write about in Finding Livelihood (ala Josef Pieper, see chapter "Still in French Airspace") and what I am often trying to do. And finally, God's grace is swirling around it all in the movement of the leaves around the border.

So that's that. Click from here to here to here to here, and I hope you'll find the visual clue that your invitation to join me on the page extends to each of these spaces. That life and livelihood are in each room.


[Photo: taken of rocks and greenery on a walk.]