Almost a book: April 15 is not just tax day

Almost a book.jpg

The new book is going to the printer any day now. I spent a good chunk of the weekend going over final edits. The very gifted book designer, Valerie Anne Bost, and editor, Jessica Snell, are putting on all the final touches, including laying out the blurbs from generous endorsers (I'll be saying more about them later on this blog so stay tuned) and the back cover copy. I'm so grateful to these two publishing professionals and the rest of the team at Kalos Press for all they have done and are doing to make this manuscript a book and to send it out into the world. I'm also grateful in advance for all the readers who are lining up to essentially say, "I'll take it from here." After all, it's the readers who, by the very act of reading, finish the process of making a book a book.

April 15: It's not just tax day; it's book release day.