Blog tour 2014 update: baton fully passed

Blog tour 2014 update.jpg

Baton is not quite the right word to use within the context of a tour, but I'll use it anyway because it does the job. You may recall my blog tour post a couple weeks ago (here it is) in which I was tagged by friend Cathy Warner and so answered four questions about writing and tagged two friends who write and blog to then answer the same set of four questions who then would tag two more friends and so on and so forth. This is a quick post to say that both of the writers I tagged have now posted their responses. You can read Adele Konyndyk Gallogly's post here. You can read Margie Haack's post here.

Here's a sampling from Adele's responses:

"I write what I do because it is an honest way for me to wrestle with the world and the many mysteries, pains, and subtle miracles of being human. When I can sit with these tensions and capture what is true about them by creating something from them, it is deeply satisfying."

Here's a sampling from Margie's responses:

"I want to write to give people hope that we are not alone, that there are potentially other ways of looking at things. I want people to know there may not be answers, but there is Someone who is not surprised by any of our scheisse and loves us still."

I hope you'll click the links and get to know these two writers!


[Photo: a green waterfall of ground cover seen on a walk.]