Changing weather as a picture of hope

2015-08-20Changing weather as a sign of hope.png

It doesn’t take long when stuck under an unmoving cloud system to feel the loss of the sun, to forget it’s still there. The weather here shifted overnight. Or maybe I should say it lifted. In either case, the sky this morning is clear and blue after 5 days of a heavy, wet, greenish-gray, cold mess. Those 5 days followed a string of days of oppressive heat and humidity. Someone said to me yesterday, that after a beautiful summer “it’s like summer went and slapped us!” Today the sweaters are off, the umbrellas are back in the closet, the windows again are open. I’m imagining a city full of people opening their front doors with a smile and a laugh.

Standing in relief under a clear blue sky, feeling only breeze and not wind, feeling only warmth and not blistering heat, I think, This is what hope fulfilled feels like. A day comes when a heaviness lifts, a burden falls away, clarity returns. Let the sensations soak down into bone and marrow for those times when it feels the sun has vanished.


[Photo: taken of this morning’s sky.]