687. David Brooks on Charlie Rose: good sense pressed down and running over

David Brooks on Charlie Rose–good sense pressed down and running over.jpg

Earlier this week New York Times columnist David Brooks was on Charlie Rose for the show's full hour. It was excellent. He talked about what's on everyone's mind these days - the election - but he talked about so much more. He talked about things that resonate with posts on this blog and my other writing (think: Finding Livelihood), including the need for contemplative leisure as per Josef Pieper and Sabbath ("a palace in time") as per Abraham Heschel, the importance of love in the workplace, and his style of writing by arranging piles of material on the floor. He also talked about the need to make commitments and then to structure your life to create the discipline to keep those commitments, the importance of parental love (interestingly, the special importance of mother love for sons), the gift of aging and better learning to be yourself, and so much more. My husband and I watched it together and talked about it long afterward; then a friend and I had a lengthy text conversation about it. I keep going over in my mind the things he said. So much to think about!

The entire episode is now posted on CharlieRose.com. Now that it's posted, I'm going to watch it again and urge you do watch it also. Skip reading some posts on this blog, even the links in the preceding paragraph, and instead jump over to this interview. I think most of you will feel encouraged and uplifted, like you've been given a substantial dose of calm good sense, even hope.

Here's the link to watch the interview.


[Photo: taken of a walkway – ie, the way in which to walk – that caught my eye.]