What day is this? Finding Livelihood's release day!

Finding Livelihood Release Day.jpg

Today is tax day and also book release day. I’m happier about the second than the first, particularly because I owe taxes and will be getting no refund. Interestingly, in The Geography of Bliss, Eric Weiner writes about an experiment in which researchers found that happy places in the brain fire off when we involuntarily write checks for things like taxes, just as they do when we voluntarily donate to a good cause of our choosing, a phenomenon I will watch for with skepticism as I write my federal and state checks today. But back to the book release. I so very much hope that those of you who pre-ordered the book and will be receiving it in the mail any day now will love the burst of spring green color on its cover as you take it out of the mailing envelope. And even more, I so very much hope that you will like what you find on its pages. And finally, today is also a happy day because it’s the birthday of a very good friend, Marleen, whom I’ve known since fourth grade, long before either of us thought at all about taxes, but even then were dreaming of who and what we’d be when we grew up.


You can order Finding Livelihood from: 1) the publisher, Kalos Press; 2) Amazon; 3) me (ask if you want it signed); or 4) any bookstore.