For the love of bookstores and the "Religion" section

For the love of bookstores.png

This morning I was flipping around some old papers and came upon these paragraphs I wrote some years back (nearly 20?) at a time when Borders Books and Ray Bradbury were both still thriving. The setting is that I was in Chicago for a work-related conference, staying at a hotel on Michigan Avenue. (Chicago was where I went to college.)

These paragraphs made me smile, particularly the last one; I hope it makes you smile too.

After last workshop I hustled up to room, changed into jeans and was drawn out to Michigan Avenue. It was packed with people. I walked down to Water Tower Place feeling like I was 18 years old again. It was thrilling. I almost wept (sounds so melodramatic) at the impact of the past years, the joy in being back, the wish that Dave was here with me.
    Went to Border Books. Ray Bradbury was there signing books. Friday night, and it was packed. There goes my budget again but I bought some books.
    A Borders employee was bringing around a tour (looked like many foreigners). When they got to the “Religion” section (where I was), the tour guide said, “This is the religious literature section. It’s hard to believe but it’s a popular area. There are always lots of people here.”


[Photo: taken years later at the fabulous Seminary Co-Op Bookstore at Hyde Park/University of Chicago when it was still at its underground location.]