Get a sneak peek at a chapter from my new book

Get a sneak peek at a chapter from my new book.png

I’m quite elated to report that an essay from my upcoming book is now out in the current issue (summer/autumn 2014) of Harvard Divinity Bulletin. The Bulletin is a beautiful print quarterly journal, but all the contents are also online. So whether you have a subscription to the journal or not, you can read my essay "Two-Part Invention” here. And I do so hope you will.

The essay begins with the story of a cab driver who played a flute for me while we were stuck in a traffic jam and goes from there to outer space and places in between. There are more essays about vocation in this issue so click around within the issue and read the other offerings, particularly editor Wendy McDowell’s column.

The book, Finding Livelihood, is moving quickly through the editorial and production process. Kalos Press tells me a book design should be ready to look at by the end of this month. I’ll share something when I can.

If you want to take a look at the progress of the book manuscript over a number of years, take a look at this post: “What I’ve been working on.” Scroll down to see the index cards sorted out into piles. I’m not sure I’ll ever find a computer program or application to take the place of that process.

I would be honored if you checked out the essay. If you like it, please consider sending the link to someone else you know who might like it either for style or because it’s talking about things they care about: work and vocation; bridging sacred and secular; bearing witness; doxology.