649. Happy birthday, dear blog: #11

649. Happy birthday dear blog.png

Yesterday was this blog's 11th birthday. I made my first post on October 6, 2004. You can read it here: Day one. Rereading that post now, I think that while some things here have changed quite a bit, other things haven't. I'm pleased to see that the trajectory of the initial vision has stayed fairly true. Thank you so much to the readers who have been here for many years, for those who are more recent, and for those who dip in and out, come and go. Cheers to readers! I wish I could pass you all a piece of birthday cake.


(As an experiment, going forward in this next year, I'm going to number the blog posts. This is number 649.)


[Photo: taken of an amazing blue door in the courtyard of one of my favorite little cafe and ice cream spots. A door means welcome; fitting for this post and this blog's initial beginning and now its start of another year.]