688. IRS Form 1040

IRS Form 1040.jpg

I've been thinking about the lines of the IRS Form 1040. The line for wages earned. The line for unemployment compensation. The lines for gains and losses, the line for deductions of multiple varieties (say, medical expenses or charitable giving). Check here for spouse. Check here for dependents. Has there been alimony? Social security distributions? A pension or loans or education?

How succinctly these numbers capture a year in a life. Three hundred and sixty-five days knotted into odd and even numbers of variable digit lengths, with or without cents.

Handle with care, I want to write across the top of the form before it is stamped and sealed.


[Photo: April 15, which is usually tax day, will be the 1-year birthday of my book, Finding Livelihood. The green in this photo of decorative greenery goes with its cover quite well!]