Beyond the 'roof' of the stars

Beyond the roof of the stars.jpg

It's Friday and my brain has been living in Microsoft Office for days, deep into client work.  There's more of that ahead today, but right now I'm thinking of this excerpt from Josef Pieper's Leisure: The Basis of Culture.

"To be human is: to know things beyond the "roof" of the stars, to go beyond the trusted enclosures of the normal, customary day-to-day reality of the whole of existing things, to go beyond the "environment" to the "world" in which that environment is enclosed."

Beyond the roof of the stars.

Just thinking about that phrase is like holding a candle inside the dark cave that Word, PowerPoint, and Excel can sometimes become. Even though that's where I'll be today, and gratefully so, I'm going to choose to be human while there and remember there's more. You too, I hope, while you are wherever your work takes you.


[Photo: Taken at one of my favorite places, Lake Superior, on an unusually calm day.]