738. Jessica Brown on beauty and moral vision

738. Mandarin Oranges.jpg

My dear friend Jessica Brown has a new essay up at Duke University's Faith & Leadership website about beauty and moral vision. The beauty she writes about is not the beauty promoted by cosmetic companies and car manufacturers in the ads in the front pages of magazines. The moral vision she writes about is not the impulse for bold statements on social media feeds. In these days of loud sound bytes and antagonistic banter, her words offer so much good to think about. I hope you'll take a few minutes and read; click here to go to her essay.

"Beauty isn’t just ornamentation or sentimentality; it provides the life-giving force of warm, appealing graciousness to what could otherwise be moralistic positions in danger of never blooming into real-time goodness." –Jessica Brown

Jessica has a book coming out soon from Kalos Press, The Grace to be Human.


[Photo: taken this morning of a bowl of mandarin oranges.]