712. Moving forward bit by bit

Moving forward bit by bit.jpg

I've written about hope a fair amount in this space and some of you know it's the topic I'm exploring in a book-length manuscript, which hopefully means a future physical something with two covers and pages in between that can be held in one's hands. While working on it in small openings of time over a period of years, I continue to be struck by how much there is yet to learn. I look at notes I wrote 2, 3, or 4 years ago, or even last month, and have to stop and listen and absorb yet again, still more. It's like being in school at the beginning of a level II course and while reviewing what you've learned so far, you find that some of it has stuck while some of it dawns fresh or more fully and your eyes and mind open and you move forward just a bit further. Stay tuned.


[Photo: taken of a teeny tiny fraction of the beauty in my neighborhood right now]