New literary journals: Saint Katherine Review and Rock & Sling

Two new literary journals have launched in recent months. I've subscribed to both and like what I see in their first beautiful issues.

New literary journals- Saint Katherine Review and Rock & Sling.jpg

Saint Katherine Review has the tagline "inquiry seeking wisdom" and is published quarterly by Saint Katherine College in California, the first Orthodox liberal arts college in the U.S. With Scott Cairns at the helm as founder and editor, other journal editors include Kathleen Norris for nonfiction, Claire Bateman for poetry, and Caroline Langston for fiction. Each issue also includes brief book reviews by the wise and wonderful folks at Eighth Day Books

"By publishing serious works that contribute to a global understanding of human affairs from a range of Christian perspectives, St Katherine College Press participates in the discovery and dissemination of inquiry seeking wisdom..."

Contributors to the first issue include Jennifer Atkinson, Carolina Ebeid, A.G. Harmon, Martha Kelly, Christopher Merrill, Erin McGraw, Jennifer Anne Moses, Eric Pankey, Nicholas Samaras, and Olga Sedakova.

New literary journals- Saint Katherine Review and Rock & Sling2.jpg

Rock & Sling is actually an older journal made new. Founded in 2004 and published by Susan Cowger, it went into a holding pattern several years ago and has recently been acquired and reimagined by Whitworth College and editor-in-chief Thom Caraway. Rock & Sling, published twice a year, defines itself as "a journal of witness." 

"The word “Witness” means to testify: to tell the truth. The demands of the word are bracing in its charge to the writer to understand that his and her work matters not just as expressions of experiences and responses but as an active language engaged morally as well as aesthetically. To tell the truth is an act of responsibility as well as an expression of hope. To testify is an act of responsibility as well as an expression of faith."

Contributors to the first issue include Shannon Amidon, Ray Amorosi, Janet Barry, Gala Bent, Cathy Bobb, Beth Cooley, Barbara Crooker, Jeffrey G. Dodd, Edward A. Doughterty, Marc Harshman, Jenelle Holmes, Tom Holmes, Christopher Howell, Jeremy Clive Huggins, Emmanuel Jakpa, Nancy Mairs, Maureen McQuerry, Julie L. Moore, Kristina Morgan, Dan Morris, Tom Noe, Lee Passarella, Debra Rienstra, David Stallings, Joshua Stewart, Brie Stimson, Laura Stott, Ray Succre, Mary van Denend, Hannah VanderHart, Jessie van Eerden, Kelley White, and Leonore Wilson.