On the way: coincidence or sign?

On the way - coincidence or sign.jpg

Yesterday I had one of those weird experiences that falls in the category of coincidence but has the feel of something more. I had just written myself a note to think more about doing such-and-such (a new creative writing project), when I turned my head and there sat a book that I hadn’t opened since I purchased it about a year ago, and its title contained one of the very words I had used to identify the potential project about which I told myself to think. It's not the first time a book has jumped off the shelf at me. New note to self: take seriously the thoughts about this potential new project.

I flipped through the book and here is one place my eye landed, in the title poem:

Vision sets out

journeying somewhere,

walking the dreamwaters:


not on the far shore but upriver,

a place not evoked, discovered.

–Denise Levertov, from Relearning the Alphabet


I wrote this down. It’s true and wise.


[Photo: taken at the point where two paths diverged in a wood. Santa Fe.]