A couple weeks ago I took a writing class and the instructor pulled from her bag an armful of postcards. 

"Pass these around and use something on the front or back for inspiration," she said.

Postcards of all kinds came our way–touristy, artistic, promotional, thematic–all bright and colorful with writing on the back (hellos, musings, quotes) from her correspondents near and far. Short snapshots of writing and contact is made. That plus the picture to hold in your hand, a gift! 

It reminded me that in high school and college, a good friend whom I had left behind in a cross-country move would send me frequent postcards, a sentence or two or three. They were like the notes we had passed in class or the 5-second conversations at our lockers. They were a joy.

I watched the instructor with her postcards and wanted to pull a similar pile from my bag. A year ago–one full year ago–I bought a couple postcards to send friends and they finally now got in the mail.