Daily Intention

Daily Intention.jpg

In her essay "Work and Love," Fanny Howe quotes the words of an unnamed Jewish mystic. She has "scrawled" his words into her notebook.

"[T]ake ink, pen, and a table to thy hand and remember that thou art about to serve God in the joy of the gladness of thy heart." [my excerpt]

I love those words and the suggestion of divine inspiration that follows in the full quote. About a year ago I paraphrased the above sentence into a personal intention that I wrote on an index card and placed on my desk next to my computer.

"I commit to serving God today in joy through my writing."

Through writing on this blog. Through writing on my creative projects.

It's important to remember that joy here is part of the intention rather than a passive feeling. It's a way of serving. Can this intention extend even to the day job?

Sometimes – like today – the card, and the intention, gets buried under bills and work papers. But I know it's there.

(You can find Howe's essay in her collection, Wedding Dress: Meditations on Word and Life.)


[Photo: taken at St. John's University.]